Colombian Soccer Player, Lady Andrade 'Sucker Punches' U.S. Team Member

As the U.S. women's soccer team turns its attention to South Korea on Tuesday, Colombia's Lady Andrade is taking aim at the Americans. Again.

FIFA, soccer's governing body, said Sunday that it was looking into Andrade's "sucker punch" on American Abby Wambach during Saturday's match, but the 20-year-old thinks that perhaps it's the red, white and blue that needs to be investigated.

"I think they should be, too, because they're the United States," Andrade told The Associated Press. "The whistle always goes in their favor. They were hitting us and hitting us, but there was never a whistle."

Wambach, 32, posted photos of the shiner under her right eye to Twitter Saturday with the message "Thanks for all the well wishes. Eye is healing fine."

The run-in occurred during the 39th minute of the U.S.'s 3-0 win on Saturday. Wambach said that she was closing in to make a play on the ball when Andrade hit her in the face. She also claims that the Colombian forward tried to hit her again in the second half of the match but missed, landing a shot to her neck instead.

"It's interesting — you think about yourself and what you would do on the street if somebody were to sucker-punch you," Wambach told the AP. "And you have all of the lists of things that you would probably do to retaliate, but this is Olympics and I can't risk getting a red card, I can't risk getting a yellow card. ... They're trying to get me to retaliate, and I'm proud of myself for not doing that."

Andrade claimed that she was innocent in the whole mess, saying that the hit to the face was "just a normal part of the game" and labeled it an "accident."

The U.S. team didn't file a formal complaint with FIFA about the incident, but did alert them to it and coach Pia Sundhage said that such behavior "doesn't belong in the game."

It doesn't look like an Olympic rematch between Wambach and Andrade is on tap, however. The U.S. is the Group G leader with 6 points while Columbia is winless with zero points. The top two teams from each group advance.

By Erin B 07/30/2012 10:19:00