Toronto Blue Jays Shortstop Wears Homophobic Slur on Eye Black

Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar played a game Saturday against the Boston Red Sox with a homophobic slur on his eye black written in Spanish.

Escobar had the words "Tu ere maricon" scrawled across the sun reflectors underneath his eyes. In English, the phrase - while grammatically incorrect ("Tu eres" is you are in Spanish) - translates loosely to "You are a f----t."

Major League Baseball told ESPN the league is investigating the situation.

It is unclear whether or not Escobar wrote the words himself or was the victim of a poor taste practical joke.

What is also unclear is why Escobar wore any eye black at all. In photos from the game he also has sunglasses on top of his hat, to say nothing of the fact that the game was in Rogers Centre, which at least part of the time is a domed stadium and appeared shady in Saturday's game photos.

Escobar batted fifth and went 1 for 4 with an RBI Saturday in a 3-2 loss. He was scratched from the Blue Jays lineup on Sunday due to "flu-like symptoms."

By Erin B 09/18/2012 08:33:00