Uh Oh! Who Is Tiger Texting At Augusta?

Tiger Woods was caught tapping away at his cell phone today, but it's not what one might think. According to the AP, Woods was filming his friend Mark O'Meara's putting stroke.

Of course, the thought of Tiger using a cell phone might bring other thoughts to mind. After all, he allegedly sent Jaimee Grubbs a host of steamy text messages in which he said, "I will wear you out." He also reportedly left her a panicked voicemail. More recently, porn star and stripper Joslyn James posted a batch of highly sexual texts that she claims Woods sent her during the affair that allegedly resulted in her becoming pregnant twice.

Likewise, the idea of Woods using a camera may remind some of the rumored but far from confirmed sex tape that has purportedly been shopped to at least one porn CEO. Scroll down for pictures of Woods using his phone.


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By news1ca 04/07/2010 01:11:00