Feisty Curls

Are you fighting your natural curl and feel like your styling options are limited? Think again! Try this dangerously glam look on for size. This natural style makes a serious fall style statement and will be great for a New Year’s Eve date-night with that special someone.

How To Style:

Apply a generous amount of gel or mousse and comb through gently with a detangling comb.

Blow dry with a diffuser, holding quite close to root area.

Best Face Shape And Curl Type:

Any full curled girl can wear this. The tighter the curl the better!

Extra Tip:

Fluff hair with your fingers throughout the day if you feel it’s getting too flat on top. Don’t touch it too much though as that will create unwanted frizz.

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By Erin B 10/29/2012 07:47:00