Blake Lively: The Side Braid

The braided trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From the tight, refined braids to the loose side braids, you have quite a few options! Blake Lively is one of the trendiest girls on planet earth and she has been seen rocking a side braid at many a social event. The side braid can be worn a number of different ways – it is all in the presentation!

How To Style:

Apply a generous amount of gel or mousse to hair and comb through gently with a detangling comb.

Blow dry hair with fingers until about 80% dry, then use a paddle brush to smooth.

Gently back comb the crown and smooth.

With your paddle brush, pull all the hair into a low ponytail to just under the ear and secure with an elastic band.

Spray your tail with desired hair spray.

Tightly braid in your preferred style (ie. fishtail, 3-strand, 4-strand, etc).

Secure with an elastic.

Cut the band under the ear.

Loosen the braid to desired look.

Use a finishing spray to protect the style.

Best Face Shape And Hair Type:

Again, this really looks great on everyone. It a trend every face shape can enjoy! Just know that the thicker the hair, the bigger the braid.

Extra Tip:

Spray with a shine spray after you’re finished styling to really make it shine!

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By Erin B 10/29/2012 08:02:00