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Targeted ads are a sure shot way to reach your desired target audience. We at CapitalBay News, offer you the sleekest and the smartest way to do so. We are among the top leading digital media platforms and our audience outreach can be your treasure to grow your business.

Why advertise at CapitalBay News?

We will cut the chase and jump straight to the main points that will reveal why you should consider CapitalBay News for advertising your business here with us at our website:

  • Top-ranked Digital Media: It is our pride to be amongst the best ranking digital media platform.
  • Customized solutions: We offer high quality customized solutions for you to connect with your target audience.
  • Global exposure: CapitalBay News has viewers from across the globe and we get extensive viewership every day.
  • Team of experts: CapitalBay News has some of the best professional writers that write for you to promote your business and company. With proven growth results, your advertisements with CapitalBay News will fetch great results for you!
  • Strong hold on social media: We have an impressive number of subscribers on all the major social media platforms. We have a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, etc. We have loyal and active newsletter subscribers and followers on all the mentioned social media platforms. Our strong audience exposure can be yours by advertising with us.
  • Higher Education Audience: Our internal stats and analysis reveal that 87% of our audience comes from higher education backgrounds which clearly paves a very reliable niche audience for your company.

For more information, you can download our Media Kit.

Please Note: We correspond to you through email using domain name address only. Any other pretentious email should not be trusted at any cost. We do not take responsibility for such fake emails.

Advertising with us:

It is a very simple process. Just reach out to us by supplying the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company’s name
  • Contact Email

Kinds of ads we offer:

  1. Sponsored articles:

This is the classic way to reach your desired audience. You can share any news related to your company or an essay about your company’s mission. We maintain high-quality write-ups that are governed by CapitalBay News editorial policies and guidelines.

  1. Use Cases:

Use cases are a good way to show your target audience that your company can provide support or solution for any ongoing challenge/s related to different sectors. Please Note: All the write-ups under this category come along with a label and a disclaimer that will explain the promotional nature of the write-up.

  1. Price Analysis (Most Viewed):

This is the most viewed type of content on CapitalBay News. Therefore, if you get your company included in these articles, you are in for huge exposure and attention to your company. Although, only the top 200 renowned companies and their services are eligible for this type of promotion at CapitalBay News.

Please note: In our price analysis articles your company and/or services or cryptocurrency coin will be featured along with the industry’s top-performing companies. Your company’s product will be marked as ‘Featured Cryptocurrency’. Every analysis will be followed by a disclaimer that will clearly say that for promotional purposes your coin is featured, which does not have any effect on the analysis.

  1. Quiz:

Our quizzes offer fun ways to know what kind of investor or trader they are. These are some short fun games that publish their results online across various social media. We offer you to have your logo on these games and alongside the publicity of your company.

  1. Banners:

Banners are a long-established way to advertise your company to your target audience. We at CapitalBay News offer different sized advertising banners in different sizes at the main page of our website, across our newsfeeds, as well as in our article pages. Our vast reach in terms of global readers will benefit your company to push your boundaries and gain exposure and new users joining your community.

  1. Local Advertising:

CapitalBay News also offers specific marketing. You can choose a specific region to advertise your company or service through the CapitalBay News franchise. We are currently representing in limited markets. Watch out for this section as soon we will be adding more languages and regions to this list.

The customized route to advertising:

If you are not sure which advertising route would suit best to your company’s needs, or your needs require forming a new advertising style; CapitalBay News is here for you! Simply fill out the form below and our sale managers will help you out:

  • You Name:
  • Company’s Name:
  • Contact Email:

Alternatively, you can write to us at [email protected].

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