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Reader’s privacy is regarded with high value and seriousness at CapitalBay News. In order to do so, we offer this notice that explains our privacy policy, its practices, the related choices, etc., every time a reader interacts with CapitalBay News. The reader is given authority and choice on how and when their data can be shared by CapitalBay News, depending on their consent. They are well informed about how CapitalBay News collects and uses their data. One can find this information on our homepage and also at every step when CapitalBay News requests for customer information.

Google Adsense and the DoubleClick DART Cookie:

Google uses cookies to offer ads on CapitalBay News, as a third party. DART cookies basically guide Google to offer adverts to website viewers based on their choice of website they visit online.

Google offers the choice to opt-out of the DART cookies. In order to do so, all one needs to do is to visit the ‘Google ad and content network privacy policy.’ Alternatively, you can follow this URL too-

Please Note: Google follows its own privacy policy when it comes to tracking of users through the DART cookies.

At CapitalBay News, other third-party ad servers also function. Cookies can also be used to track user activities and preferences. This is done for checking how effective the ads were or any other reasons that are guided by their specific privacy policy. We at CapitalBay News, don’t have any kind of access or control over our third-party advertisers’ cookies.

Collection of Personal Information:

Every time a viewer visits CapitalBay News, his or her IP address is logged with other specific information such as time of visit, date of visit, etc. The purpose of this collection of IP address and related data is purely to:

  •         Analyze trends
  •         Administration of the website
  •         Understand the user’s website behavior and preferences
  •         Understand the demographic data

All such information is strictly used for internal use only. One should note that the IP addresses that are recorded at CapitalBay News are not linked to any personally identifiable information.

Links to third-party websites:

All links provided here at CapitalBay News are for the visitor’s reference and use. We have no control over our third party’s privacy policy. The privacy policy of our third-party may differ from ours. You are solely responsible to be aware of our third party’s privacy policy.

Changes to this Privacy Statement:

CapitalBay News reserves the rights and autonomy to alter the contents of this privacy policy at any given point of time, at our discretion.

In case you have any queries in regard to our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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