Editorial Policy

Our mission is to deliver high quality, accurate, and unique articles at CapitalBay News. We do not compromise on quality and authenticity. That is why it is important for you to know that if your articles do not match the standards, they can get rejected. Please be aware that if you wish to join CapitalBay News you will need to enter a contract with us which mandates your written agreement to the editorial policy.


All the articles are required to be original and plagiarism free. Every article here, at CapitalBay News, passes through the plagiarism test and related checks. Writers are requested to send ‘never published before’ articles to us. Our editors assess the articles on originality, how much value it offers, and of course the quality of the content.

Claims and Data:

We expect our writers to examine all the claims and information related to a cryptocurrency before they pitch it in their articles. Wrong information or biased viewpoints will not be entertained by the clients. We make sure that the content we publish on the CapitalBay News website is thoroughly verified through various channels.

We strongly encourage our writers to give ‘empirical evidence’ about the claims they make in their articles. The evidence can include things such as pictures, graphs, screenshots, etc. Please refrain from using the claim in your articles that do not have any empirical evidence.


Value is the core purpose of all the articles at CapitalBay News. Delivering value is what weaves the readers to any content. For this we expect our writers to strive for clear objectives in order to offer value to the reader. Our intention is to offer our readers the latest news and keep them updated with all the latest developments. For such purposes, please make sure that the articles should be free from personal biases, plagiarism, fake content, intentional or unintentional marketing/ promotion of any company or organization in particular.

Promotions and Marketing:

Please ensure to refrain from promoting or marketing any company or any person in particular through your articles.  We encourage straightforward content in the form of unbiased and truthful title, subheadings, and the body of the article. Also, please make sure that you do not link any article that is promoting or marketing any or company or any person in particular.

We strongly urge you to stay unbiased. We will not entertain any intentional or unintentional promotional/marketing links in your articles.


Our readers include enthusiasts and experts from different niche. Therefore, while writing an article, please be aware that you are writing accurately. Kindly set the tone of your articles based on the niche described.

What we look for in your articles is quality, value, accuracy, originality, and up-to-date information on the trending movements. Please try to maintain a keen understanding of the crypto world to offer the latest information and news on it. Here at CapitalBay News, we cater to crypto enthusiasts, so it is important to understand them before penning down any crypto information.

Acceptance of the Article:

Our editorial board’s verdict is considered final and binding. Our editors accept articles based on the qualities described above. They have no responsibility to produce explanations on the decisions they take related to the acceptance of the article/s. On accepting the article, CapitalBay News intimidates the writer about the decision. Every decision made by our editorial team is considered final and binding.

News Writing:

Any news written for CapitalBay News is expected to be verified by the writer through legitimate sources. We do not compromise on the originality of the news on our website. As suggested above, please make sure that every news article is backed by empirical evidence before you share your news article with us.

The above editorial policy is the guiding compass for all our decisions here at CapitalBay News. Please follow the instructions while writing articles for us. Please ensure high-quality, authentic content, and value-driven that fully caters to our niche of readers. If you have any queries in regards to our editorial policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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