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Date Event Name Location
Aug 10-11, 2020 Memory, Affects and Emotions – International Interdiscipliary Conference – Virtual Event Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
Aug 11, 2020 Memory, Trauma and Writing London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research
Aug 15, 2020 The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research
Aug 17, 2020 Memory Studies Workshop: Memory, Cinema and Psychoanalysis Virtual
Aug 26, 2020 02nd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Creative Industries Colombo, Sri Lanka
Aug 29, 2020 International Conference on Music, Drama, Visual & Performing Arts Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sep 02-04, 2020 26th Annual SERCIA Conference: Cosmopolitan Aspirations in English-Speaking Cinema and Television Zaragoza, Spain
Sep 09- 10, 2020 Eleventh International Conference on The Image – University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Sep 12-13, 2020 3rd International Conference on Cross Culture Studies in Social Sciences, Management & Humanities London, United Kingdom
Sep 17-18, 2020 LONELINESS- 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference Gdansk, Poland
Sep 19, 2020 Mirror, Mirror: Perceptions, Deceptions, and Reflections in Time Oxford, United Kingdom
Sep 22-25, 2020 Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain
Sep 23-25, 2020 23rd LISBON International Conference on Marketing, Tourism, Humanities and Social Sciences (LMTHSS-20) Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 28-29, 2020 4th Dreams, Phantasms and Memories: International Interdisciplinary Conference – Virtual Event Virtual
Oct 01-02, 2020 GKA ARTS 2020 | International Conference on Arts and Cultures | Spain – October 2020 Cádiz, Spain
Oct 01-03, 2020 International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE) 2020 Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 03, 2020 International Conference on Colour, Culture and Modern Art Paris, France
Oct 08-10, 2020 Manufacturing the Past Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Oct 16-17, 2020 3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (IMCoSH) 2020 London, United Kingdom
Oct 23-24, 2020 SPACE International Conference 2020 on Cities, Architecture and Cinema London, United Kingdom
Oct 24-25, 2020 International Conference on Digital Humanities: ‘Digital Dialogues’ Virtual
Oct 24-25, 2020 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business, Economy and Social Sustainability (EBES-2020) Athens, Greece
Oct 26-27, 2020 40th International American Studies Conference: Movement and Mobility in America Samsun, Turkey
Nov 03-05, 2020 22nd LISBON International Conference on Literature, Music, Humanities & Social Sciences (LMHS2-20) Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 04, 2020 International Seminar on Innovation in Arts, Technology and Science (ISI-ARTS 2020) Surakarta, Jawa tengah, Indonesia
Nov 06-08, 2020 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Humanities Munich, Germany
Nov 11-14, 2020 The 11th Asian Conference on Media, Communication and Film 2020 (MediAsia2020) Kyoto, Japan
Nov 13, 2020 V. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Memory Studies ’20 Istanbul, Turkey
Nov 16-17, 2020 18th JOHANNESBURG International Conference on Education, Economics, Humanities & Social Sciences (EEHSS-20) Johannesburg, South Africa
Nov 21-22, 2020 International Conference on London Studies: Visions and Revisions of the Metropolis – Virtual Event Virtual