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Are Poker Rooms Safe to Play Online Poker?

Playing poker online has its own set of advantages. Also, playing poker online is a means of winning real money. While this may be true, another big question is, whether it is really safe?

Needless to say, one has to pay heed to the fact that the world wide web is also home to many spammers. Thus, identifying a genuine online poker room is important as it is your money that is at stake.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Over the years, online casinos have immensely grown in popularity with millions of players across the world actively playing one or many casino games including gambling games like online poker.

Is it safe to play poker online?

For online poker rooms especially, the safety standards are pretty high with secure online payment options. However, it is still very important to determine the authenticity of the online poker sites.

And, this could be achieved by examining certain key indicators like the site’s review, license, etc. Thus, one can determine if the poker site is safe or not furthered by the site’s authenticity.

Can online poker be rigged?

Most of the genuine online poker rooms today use RNG to deal with the cards online ensuring a fair chance to the players. Also, every hand dealt with will have a total of 52 cards meaning the same card cannot be dealt with two or more players.

Online poker players who have been actively playing internet poker for over a decade feel that online poker cannot be rigged. That being said, poker players who claim the online poker room to be rigged are oftentimes those who have experienced more losses in the game.

The bottom line here is winning or losing is a part of any game including gambling where the winner takes it all. And, in this case, the poker player wins the big pot. Thus, at the end of every hand dealt with, there is one winner only.

Tips for staying safe when playing online poker

Playing poker requires players to hone their poker face and bluffing skills. And, in the case of poker online, additional safety measures must be taken to remain safe.

While using cryptocurrencies is one such safety measure to play Bitcoin poker, most of the poker players prefer playing for real money.

Whether it is real money or digital currency for Bitcoin poker, having anti-virus software installed in your gaming system is your safe bet for enhanced security.

Seasoned poker players who earn their living playing poker online and poker tournaments always have strong passwords protecting their online gaming accounts. This is one leaf we can definitely take to stay safe when playing poker online. Chip tricks are popular and professional poker players also doing chip tricks during World Poker Tour events. Poker chip tricks are easy to learn you can practice these tricks at poker rooms or at home.

Poker sites with a two-step authentication process

Typically, poker players have to enter their registered user id and password to gain access to their online poker sites.

However, with many players seeking the utmost safety as they enter their bank details or credit/debit card numbers and constantly transact on the gaming sites, the authentic online poker sites have introduced the two-step authentication process.

It involves players to enter a second code after entering their password to gain access to their gaming account.

Beware of rogue networks

Beware of phishing emails as the genuine poker sites will never ask you for your user details or password. Never share these login credentials with anyone including friends and family members.

Never play poker on borrowed wi-fi hotspots. It is one method of playing safe poker online where your information remains safe. And, if at all you get access to public wi-fi, and do not want to resist a good game of poker, install a virtual private network or VPN software to log in to your poker account.


Poker attracts millions of players as there is scope to win real money. However, when you play online poker, taking certain safety precautions like the ones mentioned above is quite imperative.

Xiang Han

Xiang Han is a journalist at CapitalBay.News and has hands-on experience in the poker industry. He frequently plays online poker games and serves as a tournament consultant for popular online poker rooms.

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