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Downtown Pittsburgh To Get Target Store

The old Kaufmann’s building in Downtown Pittsburgh will be the address to an all-new Target. The retail giant is set to open its new outlet at the famous Kaufmann’s and Macy’s building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Target, one of the largest discount retail franchises in the US, is now adding another store to the city of Pittsburgh. Currently, there are already around a dozen Target stores across the city. This new Target store, however, is going to be in a prime location in the city’s Downtown area. According to reports, the store will take up the first floor of the building at 400 5th Avenue. This floor is large and vacant and holds a commercially-usable space of approximately 22,000 square feet.

For the Minneapolis-based retail mammoth, this new addition to the Downtown Pittsburgh location is a great opportunity. The only other retail business in the building is the Waffles, which is an INCaffeinated restaurant. The upper floors of the building are converted into 160 hotel rooms and service apartments, operated under the name Even.

The new Target store will open its doors to Pittsburgh customers in early 2021. With this store, the Downtown area is surely expected to gain more attraction. The store is known to provide an incredible shopping experience with easy and convenient check-ins, multi-departmental access under one roof, and unbelievable discounts. The Downtown Pittsburgh residential community will get their essentials from a place more to their homes.

The East Liberty Target is perhaps the largest Target store in Pittsburgh and spans across 145,000 square-foot. The Downtown Target store will be considerably smaller but will have the competitive advantage of access to college campuses and urban shoppers. The new store may also create a ripple effect and more retail outlets could start popping up in the Downtown area. This move will not only spur the retail developments in Downtown Pittsburgh but also boost the city’s residential and commercial development spectrum.

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