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Effect of COVID-19 on ICC World Cup 2020

The devastating impact of coronavirus on businesses and the global economy is quite apparent. Industries are struggling to keep afloat, and major stock markets across the globe are reeling under the impact of COVID-19. And that is not all as major sporting events are also witnessing the wrath of this highly infectious disease.

A case in point is the possible cancellation or postponement of the T20 Cricket World Cup. According to the initial plan, the event was scheduled to be held later this year in Australia. But now, the latest reports hint that the event is unlikely to take place as per the original schedule. As most of the nations participating in this the world cup won’t be able to send their team to the host country, Australia won’t be organizing the event.

Finer DetailsĀ 

Just so you know, a total of 16 teams are scheduled to participate in the T20 World Cup. According to the initial plans, the event will be held in the month of October and November in Australia. However, given the pandemic’s enormity, it is highly unlikely that the host country will be able to go ahead and organize the event.

Chairman of Cricket Australia, Earl Eddings, said that it might not be possible for the country to fly in sixteen different teams from across the globe, especially when most of the countries are struggling to contain the spread of this highly infectious disease. Eddings said that it was “unrealistic” to think that the tournament will take place according to its predetermined schedule.

COVID-19 and Cricket Industry

The effect of the COVID-19 on the cricket industry is really a devastating one. Just like any other industry, the coronavirus pandemic has brought the cricket industry to its knees. Fans, which are the lifeblood of the cricket industry, have completely abandoned the sport, as there are strict measures taken by governments around the globe to restrict their citizens’ movements. Moreover, the new norm of social distancing also needs to be followed strictly, which means that fans are happy to stay at home and enjoy the tournament on the television. You can get more authentic sports news through our platform.


There is hardly any doubt about the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the cricket industry. Until and unless we have a definitive cure for this highly infectious virus, the cricket industry, just like other games, have to bear with the losses. Fans are unlikely to return to the stadiums soon, and the spell is going to be dry for some of the events lined up in 2020 or even in 2021.

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