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Food Rewards Can Push Kids Towards Obesity

If your baby has a hot temperament, then he/she is likely to face obesity in older age, revealed new research. The reports stated that the children who get upset easily need rewards in the form of food, while the infants who love cuddling in their parent’s arms are more inclined towards different sets of rewards like blowing bubbles or watching a DVD.

The research was taken on 105 infants belonging to age nine to 18 months. They completed two tasks to earn food or blow bubbles as rewards. Meanwhile, the parents were asked to fill a questionnaire about their child’s behavior. 

The scientists affirmed that the parents who do are concerned about the growing obesity in their children can use multiple tactics to divert the child’s mind from foody rewards. They can encourage them to play in playgrounds, engage them in constructive activities, or allow them to spend time with playmates.

Wang Lin

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