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Hong Kong Security Will Not Have Retroactive Effect, Says Deputy Director of Hong Kong and Macau Office

National Security legislation of Hong Kong will not punish people retroactively, confirmed Deputy Director of Hong Kong and Macau Office, Deng Zhonghua. This comes as a response to a crucial question raised on the controversial law synonymously by local residents, diplomats, and foreign investors.

The Chinese administration has come under heavy criticism from all over the world after the parliament decided to impose the legislation on the financial hub. The imposition also saw protests all across Hong Kong, which displayed gross violations of human rights, as the security forces clashed directly with the protestors. In an attempt to clear the air, Deng also added that China would only have a say in rare and serious national security issues, while Hong Kong will continue to be responsible for enforcement works. He further said,

Deng added

China has been on the receiving end of criticism over various issues off late, be it its dubious mishandling of the Coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, or its recent feud with India on the Northeast Indian frontier. However, it has been criticized the most for the human rights violations it conducts against the Hong Kong protestors and the Uyghur Muslims. Therefore, people from Hong Kong have apprehensions about the legislative. Many have claimed that the new laws being implemented in Hong Kong could be applied retroactively and target people for actions committed in the past.

Putting forth the issue of national security, Deng stated that both the Chinese Central Government and the state government of Hong Kong need to step up and create an organization dedicated to safeguarding the national interest. Deng said,

Deng said

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