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How to Play Poker Online With Friends?

The global pandemic is making people sit at home. Thanks to these games which are giving people some enjoyable moments to spend. Here online casino and poker games are being talked about.


Ways to Play Poker Online With Friends

  1. Choose an online casino or poker platforms like PokerStars & 888poker
  2. Download the poker software/app & install it on your system/mobile
  3. Set up an online private poker game/poker room from Home
  4. Invite your friends or sending invitation codes to join the game
  5. Now, You can play & enjoy online poker with your friends

You can play online poker with friends with the help of a particular software which you need to download. Of course, you need to have a high-end computer along with a fast and modern operating system. Along with that, the poker software needs to be installed in your system. Once the user-interface of the poker game opens It is after that, you can go to the menu and click on the button “Home Games.

It’s from there you can go and name your new club or group of players. It is after that, you can invite your friends by sending them invitation codes. Soon your club name will get added to the “Homes Games” lobby. There are various eminent apps online which are reliable and exciting to play. One of them includes the Poker Face app or poker site. This app is user-friendly.

Need not to say, you can use this poker app on Android, and iPhone. These types of various prominent apps are available all around the world. Obviously, the apps are free to download from the Google Play store. In this particular app, you can manage games yourself with up to four of your friends. You can sit at your home and enjoy poker with your friends.

Online Casino & Poker

About Online Casino & Poker:

Online casinos and poker clubs are very exciting. Since this is the time of the pandemic, so all you can expect is to enjoy an online poker club. You can create a poker play club or poker room in your phone app or through a website. Casino and poker both are available online. It was long available from the 20th Century. Needless to say, virtual poker and casino games are a complete catch, especially during the lockdown.

Moreover, a poker game with friends does not make a person feel monotone. There are some well-known online casino games that are not only popular but also user-friendly. In the year 2020, these casino games are the sensations of the world. They are as follow:

  1. Wheel of Fortune:- They allow the best shots for their players. You can really enjoy your home games in the online casino with your friends.
  2. Thunderstruck II:- They are right now the best virtual casino site in the web world. This online game has been popular for some time ago.
  3. Triple Diamond:- It is right now in the third position in the world rank of the casino games.

These online casino games are the best slot games that are virtually famous among every age.

Play Poker Online With Friends:

You can play casino online games with your friends sitting in your home and enjoying at your own leisure. You might have seen the news and heard great things about various casinos. But planning and playing a casino is brainstorming work. The process which is followed to play an online casino game or a private poker are as follow:

    1. Doing early planning is very important. If it is a home game and you are going to be more than two people then it is better to plan ahead.
    2. Money is important. If your casino or online poker with friends involves real money then at least set a budget to play cash games/money games.
    3. Remember you are creating something which is extremely exciting. So, please decide on a theme beforehand.
    4. Sit in your home and decide how you are going to let this whole game happen.
    5. If possible make a video or do live streaming of your playing poker game with your friends.
    6. Save time by not calling your friends for hours. Rather send selective invitations to your friends.
    7. Play online poker with friends is fun. Always go for food and drinks. So, you do not get distracted in-between the poker tournaments.
    8. Unnecessary shouting, screaming, or exaggerating should be avoided. You should better send comments to a particular player if you want to say something.
    9. These home games are exciting. So, prefer a piece of good music. Choose your music according to your game.

Where Can I Play Online Poker With Friends?

There are various popular and safest poker sites where you can enjoy playing with your friends. Some popular ones of them include:-

PokerStars – PokerStars allow real money poker games or cash games. So, it is a completely win-win situation for you. Download them for free and choose a game to play. You can play free poker with your friends.

888poker – 888poker allows you to invite your friends for a private cash game over real money. May you win next time you put on real cash and play cash games.

There are various poker apps that you can download on your android device to play it with your friends.

How Do You Play PokerStars With Friends?

PokerStars is a very popular game site that is famous for online poker. You can play online poker on the site. Along with that, they allow you to create your own club or poker room where you can invite your friends. Nevertheless, you and your friends can enjoy playing cash games and tournaments. Moreover, once you open your personal club, you will receive an email with your personal ID number to play cash games and tournaments.

As a result, you can make your way to the club and share it with your friends. Whoever will have the ID number, will be able to get hold of the virtual club premises. Nevertheless, poker stars will make your virtual world more exciting and thrilling. Moreover, a special button called “Club Lobby” will be formed in your PokerStars “Home Games” lobby. Every time you decide to play with your friends, all you will have to do is click on that “Club Lobby.”

How Can I Play Online Poker With a Friend With No Money?

If you and your friends are opting for playing in PokerStars then make sure all of you have an account on the poker site or app to play with friends. You must know that making an account is completely free in PokerStars. Opening an account does not need any deposit. So, depositing an amount of money at the initial level is not required. Once you have made sure of these points you can go to the PokerStars “Home Games” lobby and then create a private poker club to play free poker. Once you are done with that, start playing online poker with your friends. Please remember, these apps and websites do not ask people to deposit an amount for opening an account.

How Do You Play Poker With Friends Online Zoom?

Zoom lobby is very popular among poker players. If you are looking forward to some cash games over the zoom state level then, install the zoom app in your system or your phone. There you can view a zoom lobby under the ‘zoom tab’. Once it is done, you can click on the “join game” from the desktop or “play now” from the mobile device. Once you do it, you will get started. 

There are various options which you will find. The first round of options will include the buy-in amount. Please remember, without fulfilling this option you cannot go forward.

There are other “More Buy-in-options” which you can choose accordingly. The exact buy-in option you choose determines your number of tables you want to play. You can even have private games through these online poker games.

Can You Set-up A Private Poker Game Online?

Everybody can bet on you having the greatest imagination of playing privately with your friends and having an online poker club. Of course, you will like to have all the rights reserved for that poker club. Of course, you will want these private poker games exclusively for yourself and your friends. Play online poker with friends will give you maximum happiness more than you have expected. This online will get you to a good position in the poker world.

The answer is obviously you can get it. The topmost online poker is equipped with providing their players with private sessions. You play online with your friends and enjoy your private session. It is termed as a home game. Obviously, it is easy to set up and easy to play. You can even challenge your partners while you play with friends. Anyhow, always remember one thing, these private games are extremely straightforward. Needless to say, they are extremely competitive. So, you must not expect a lag in the game.

You need to play this home game pretty straight and simple. All you need to do is to buy-in and then choose a date for your games or tournaments. Once all your friends agree with the poker tournament’s date and day, you can set that day. Of course, you can invite up to fifty members to the tournament.  

A Private Poker Game Online

Can You Host A Poker Game For You And Your Friends?

Yes, there are some well-known poker game online platforms. There you can easily set up with your own hosting party. These online poker platforms are easy to play and trendy right now. Obviously, you must go through them before you fix them for one. Moreover, you can play online DonkHouse games and many more. These home games you can yourself host. If you are hosting, obviously the games are customizable.

One big advantage is that you can set up a table if you are the host. Not only that, but you can also set up the specific stakes in your poker table. This is specifically permitted in Of course, you will also be responsible for distributing the chips or deciding whether real money will be involved or not.

Read And Try To Learn

Exploring is always a better option for finding out which home game is better for you. Just because some sensational home games are making rounds on the internet, does not mean you have to download them. It is very important to understand which type of virtual poker is the best poker for you. You need to get through books and read through them. Staying at home does not mean you can choose any poker game you want. Learn and research through the various ways of playing home poker game. Most importantly, try to learn casino strategies to understand it better. So, the next time you create a poker club, you do not face the trouble of stumbling upon new moves and tools. 


Remember there are thousands of online poker sites and apps for casino and poker games. You should always make sure to choose the one which best suits you and your friends. There are lots of fraudulent websites that charge too much for your deposit money for a cash game. Other websites and apps leak personal data. So, always ensure you choose the right game or mobile app before you decide to enjoy poker with your friends.

Xiang Han

Xiang Han is a journalist at CapitalBay.News and has hands-on experience in the poker industry. He frequently plays online poker games and serves as a tournament consultant for popular online poker rooms.

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