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How to Play Heads up Poker? A Futuristic Online Poker Games

Nowadays, in this digital era, along with everything else, people also play games online, such as Rummy etc. In these lines or leagues of a wide range of Poker games itself, there lies another game known as ‘Heads Up Poker.’ It is one of the most liked and famous poker game variations till now.

The game Poker Heads Up is a type of a game that is mainly played only amongst two players at a time. It can be played with a larger sum of cash in the match, in which there are only two players left in the game, or there are altogether only two players who are playing the game from the start and have arrived at a stage of playing heads-up in the game while awaiting for the opponent player.

This variant of poker heads up play is immensely popular amongst the professional tournament players of competitions/leagues such as Sit-and-Go (SNG) tournaments, National Heads Up Poker Championship, Cepheus poker-playing bot, etc. On one side, this game, poker heads, are profitable when played strategically. On the other side, it can be one of the stressful games for poker players, as it is also very unpredictable.

How to Play Heads Up Poker?

Once again, the game Heads Up play is similar to that of Basic Poker. Below we have explained stepwise how a player can play Heads Up. Firstly, this variant has only two playing Heads. To probe more into it, the following are the steps to learn:

  • First, the dealer will do the deals and give the hole cards to each player.
  • Then, after the deal, players place the small blind initially. Further, this blind will be pursued by the big blind in the play.
  • After a big blind, in the first and foremost round of the game, the question of betting arises, where the Heads Up players bet as per the assurance of the cards in their hand.
  • After the bet is placed, then the dealer again deals three ‘community cards’ for the heads on the encounter.
  • After this first betting round is played, then the second round of betting will commence, where each player will bet for the second time.
  • After the second round of betting, then the Dealer deals with the fourth community card, which is called ‘turn.’
  • Following the fourth community cards round, the dealer then starts dealing with the cards of the third round of betting.
  • Next will be the dealing of the fifth community card by the Dealer, which is as the river.
  • Ultimately, the fourth and final round of betting is commenced by the dealer.
  • Finally, even after all these rounds, If the contestant still has not yet unfolded the blind cards, then all remaining players show their cards.
  • Then the winner is declared & the one with the best hand as per the hand rankings is the winner.

Rules of Heads Up Poker

Likewise, in every other game, there are playing rules for Heads Up Poker as well. These rules of how to play Heads Up Poker is also similar to that of basic game, and these rules are based on a few crucial concepts such as:

Poker-hand rankings (It is a rule where every hand is ranked within its group of cards by ranking them. Normally, individual cards are ranked, from highest to lowest, i.e., from Aces to 2 along with face cards).

Bluffing (It is actually a heads up poker strategy, where a poker player tricks its opponent player with cards in hand. But in terms of rules, it generally involves the portrayal of confidence about the cards in your hand and takes the risk associated with the bluffing).

The Dealer & Dealing of cards (This is again a concept and the rule of the play, Where the dealer is not one of the playing heads in the play and only he can deal the cards, then may it be a physical and online game).

Forces Bets (It is a rule in most of the types including Head up, where playing head or contestant are compulsorily required to place some kind of Bet known as the ante /blind (usually small/big blind) at the beginning of the play).

Betting Choices (There are rules for betting such as Pot odds, Call, Raise, Fold, Check, and All-in).

Rounds of Betting (There are rules for betting in each round of the game that needs to be followed by the players and dealt by the dealer).

Apart from these major concepts cum rules, there are some other basic rules that are applicable to all types of Games, including Heads Up or face card.

Heads Up Poker Strategy

Heads Up Poker is one of the crudest and strongest forms of the games and is also one of the most profitable games for contestants who are skilled and able to play the game naturally. As seen in the playing format, the player has to play with the blind concept against the opponent in every card hand, resulting in playing lots of card hands or turns. The contestants have to play under an extremely high-performance pressure environment.

This is where the strategies play a role in helping the contestant to win the game. Also, this is where generally another professional player showcases the skill set built through years of experience and ability to adjust to the game and to target the weakness of the opponent player as well as exploit them.

Following are the strategies which help a player in winning the Head-Up game such as:

  • The player has to be ready with an impressionable and flexible game plan to beat the opponent
  • The player has to stay aggressive in the game as well as stay attentive towards the gestures and body language of the opponent
  • By cracking the weak link of your opponent, i.e., by mentally outplaying other players
  • Another strategy is that you have just controlled the mind of another player may it be by bluffing or betting, etc.
  • Sensing out your opponent and his / her strategy adopted at an early stage of the game

Other strategies are Pre-Flop and Post-Flop. In this, the first opponent will play by Pre-flop tricks such as often folding to Steals, every time playing in defending mode, Often folding the button, etc. further as a repercussion of these will be showcased in Post-flop such as bluffing, frequent betting, building an aggressive image, etc.

Even though Pre-Flop and Post-Flop strategies are common or universal, they are applied to both the contestants of the game unanimously, thus ultimately professionalism, knowledge of the play, skills, and experience counts the most even for to apply these above-mentioned strategies to win the Heads Up Poker or for that matter any other type of game.


After having a somewhat in-depth analysis of Heads Up play, its rules, and the strategy; It can be said that Heads Up Poker is not only just an online or physical game but also can generate income or earnings for the players of the game. Universally, this has been and is one of the most attractive and popular plays amongst the games or card game poker contestants. Furthermore, Heads Up play is the maximum preferred and widespread amongst all the types of variants of the game.

There are proper Championships and Tournaments being conducted or held for this game in the Gamers World. Thus, to conclude, it can be said that although it is a kind of gamble, still it is having a legal status when played within the structured rules, regulations & strategy in the gaming world or Card playing arena.

Xiang Han

Xiang Han is a journalist at CapitalBay.News and has hands-on experience in the poker industry. He frequently plays online poker games and serves as a tournament consultant for popular online poker rooms.

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