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Las Cruces City Council Considers Partnering with New Mexico Family Services

On Monday, July 27th, 2020, the City Council of Las Cruces, New Mexico, arrived at a consensus to explore a possible partnership with the New Mexico Family Services (NMFS). Las Cruces City Council Mayor, Ken Miyagishima, sought additional details and information from staff on how the city can collaborate with NMFS to benefit the city’s meal services.

One of the possible options includes using the Sage Café kitchen for improving meal production quality in the Las Cruces city and for the NMFS organizations, this would not only help the city of Las Cruces support its homebound meal services program but also serve for the future development of central kitchens in the years to come.

Lourdes Torres, a member of NMFS, had discussions with Las Cruces Council Member, the city council assessed how NMFS is a full-fledged community service provider that delivers a variety of fully-integrated family-care services, from mental and physical well-being to psychological testing, meal programs, and medical assistance. The company is actively helping New Mexico families with their monthly housing payments and medical bills. The NMFS, which is in action since 2013, is the only social service facility in the state of New Mexico certified in “family-care” support.

The NMFS has over 150 employees who serve nearly 10,000 families across Their services offer individualized care for every patient in client families. The company has set up its offices in Alamogordo, Sunland Park, and Albuquerque. It also runs an office at Suite 22, 2801 Missouri Ave. in Las Cruces city.

The agreement between Las Cruces City Council and NMFS states that their partnership will improve the food services program in the city. This tie-up will bring high-quality meals for elderly residents of Las Cruces city.

The Las Cruces City Council members came to the conclusion that more non-profit organizations can help struggling families. Such partnerships can specifically aide the New Mexico families dealing with threats to COVID-19 infections during the current pandemic situation.

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