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Teachers Oppose Reopening of Schools in Ohio

A group of teachers paraded their cars across Downtown Columbus on Monday morning. The purpose of the parade was to urge the Ohio school district to abolish their plans to reopen the school. The parents will also protest outside eight high schools on Tuesday night, opposing the shift towards online learning.

Brittany Alexander stated that she has never experienced something so dreadful before the beginning of the new academic year. The teacher from Hilliard said that it is not usual to feel anxious and uncertain, and many educators across Ohio will agree to this. Talking about the reopening of the school, Alexander quoted,

Alexander quoted

A group of teachers has also opposed the idea of being at school to conduct online classes or be present for training. The protest doesn’t end here; parents are protesting to return to in-person classes for at least five days a week. According to the parents, it is difficult for kids to learn online. With working parents, it gets all the more difficult to pay attention to their learning sessions.

Many teachers are extremely concerned about the health of the students, and it is crucial to think about the safety of the community. Schooling is essential, but with the ongoing pandemic, our priority is to reduce the virus spread.

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