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Tron Foundation and BitTorrent Chain Launch Scaling Solution

Binance Smart Chain is the very first community chain to be incorporated into the BitTorrent Chain, bringing cross-chain functionalities like mainline transfer of assets between Binance Smart Chain and other community chains in a decentralized protocol. The BitTorrent Chain protocol is a customizable heterogeneous cross-chain network protocol based on the Proof of Stake consensus process. BTTC uses side-chains to scale and set up multiple validation nodes. It will allow for heterogeneous cross-chain interaction that is decentralized and trustless. It is fair to assume that the inclusion of BitTorrent Chain in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem represents TRON’s first step towards a cross-chain collaboration period.

The fundamental team members of BitTorrent & TRON collaborated to create the very first diverse cross-chain inter-operable protocol, BitTorrent Chain. BTCC is quick, value-effective, and safe thanks to the multi-node verification consensus protocol. BitTorrent and TRON team members have a large following among cryptocurrency and conventional tech/crypto audiences. With this assimilation, vast numbers of Tron and BitTorrent consumers will be able to access the GameFi, NFT, and Infra projects built on Binance Smart Chain. At the same time, BSC customers will be able to engage with decentralized applications built on TRON. It empowers the perspective of numerous cross-chain interconnectivity. The Tron price has been under elevated pressure in the past few months. TRX, its native token, is trading at $0.068, which is about 62% below its highest level last year. Its market cap has crashed to about $7 billion, making it the 28th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

According to this TRX price prediction, TRX can reach $0.12 by the end of the year in a positive scenario.

Because BitTorrent Chain is based on the Proof of Stake mechanism, the operation of validator nodes is critical to the protocol. BitTorrent Chain accomplishes it through global communities, and Validators focus on ensuring the chain’s security and decentralization. BitTorrent Chain accelerated the release of its node application in order to attract quality nodes from global communities. Validators validate the transfer of funds and are rewarded by the protocol.

BitTorrent Chain is playing an essential part in the assimilation of mainstream chains, which will result in interconnectivity throughout all chains. Cross-chain interaction and asset free-flow will become the next huge leap for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, bridging the gaping holes between different communities. TRON has made an outstanding leap in the cryptocurrency space, surpassing 60 million accts on its own network. According to a Twitter post on 3rd November, it already has reached 2.5billion transfers and is the quickest increasing public chain. Projects provide unique value propositions to the cryptocurrency market. It is improbable that such a chain could well dominate the others. The world is expected to be multichain, with free cross-chain interaction and asset flow. As a result, BTTC’s vision fits neatly into this storyline.

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