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Twin Oaks’ residents need group permission to have a child

Twin Oaks is home to 13 children and 92 adults and located in rural Virginia. It is a commune where people have adopted clever practices in order to live in harmony with nature. The members of the community live in groups as large as 22 in a single building and care for each other in addition to practicing polygamy. They grow vegetables and share cars to commute. On completion of 42 labor hours/week, residents get $103 as an allowance, but the unique practice adopted by this commune is their childbearing practices. For having a baby, the permission of the group is required as the upbringing of the child will be financed by the whole group. Interestingly, the waiting list is long, and if you want to move to Twin Oaks, you need to wait for a considerable period of time. 

Wang Lin

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