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Monika Korra refuses to stay a victim, voiced her voice through a book

Monika Korra experienced the most horrifying incidents of her life when she was abducted and raped by three men. Monika was studying at Southern Methodist University, where she had enrolled under an exchange program from Norway on an athletic scholarship. She met with an unfortunate incident in 2009. While coming back from the party, three men abducted her in their white van and raped her in a moving vehicle for around 90 minutes. Later, culprits dumped her in the park, where a police officer found her in a miserable state. Braving the incident, Monica refused to live the life of a victim. In fact, she came out strong and has written a book – Kill The Silence. The book has become a major hit and has now catapulted Monika to become a voice for rape victims and sexual assault survivors.

Wang Lin

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