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A Guide to Playing Blackjack Online

Gambling online has become a massively popular hobby in recent years, as it has brought different ways of wagering to our homes and our mobile devices.

If you are interested in using this approach to betting on blackjack, what do you need to know to get started in style?

Understand the Rules

This simple card game was probably first played in Europe in the early 18th century and has been a huge favorite ever since then. The basic idea behind the game of blackjack is very simple, as you need to try and get a hand of closer to 21 than the dealer manages without going over this figure.

Yet, there are different versions of blackjack for you to look into and some important rules you might not be aware of. If we look at the main versions, first of all, European and American variants are very similar, with the key differences being in how the cards are dealt and the situations in which you can double down.

Apart from hitting or standing, the other options you will come across are splitting, doubling, and taking out insurance. Each of these actions can be beneficial at different times, as we will see in the strategy section in a moment. However, there are also times when it is best to avoid them.

You will also notice that side bets are offered on some versions of this card game. These are optional bets on things like getting an identical pair of cards or forming a strong poker hand with three of the cards.

Get a Strategy to Use

You might be surprised at the need for blackjack strategies, as this is essentially a very simple game of chance. Yet, unlike other casino games, there are some key decisions that you need to take based on the information you can see. This is why you should look for a blackjack strategy sheet that tells you what to do in any given situation.

For example, what if you get a couple of 8s? 16 is the most difficult hand to win with, so splitting out into two hands of 8 makes sense. Other blackjack tips for beginners include knowing when to stand on 12 or 13 and not splitting 10s.

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You may also want to look at some of the bankroll management strategies. These define whether you play with a set amount on each hand or change your stake depending upon the outcome of the previous round. Martingale and Fibonacci are a couple of the main options in this respect.

When it comes to side bets, the potential winnings are higher. However, the house edge is also higher, which means that there is more chance of you losing your stake.

Choose a Version of the Game

Finally, you just need to choose a game and a way of playing. One option worth considering is a mobile casino, as this gives you the added flexibility of playing wherever you go. This is great news if you plan to play a few hands on the commute to work or elsewhere when far from home.

Another modern option that is gaining a lot of fans right now is with live dealer games. Rather than a computer-generated table and cards, you see a human blackjack dealer hand out real cards on a physical table, right in front of you.

With lots of different online gambling sites now offering blackjack, it is simply a question of seeing which sites are right for you and can be used where you live. After that, you are ready to start placing your stakes and begin playing this timeless card game.

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