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Bitcoin Roulette: A beginner’s guide to mastering the game

Roulette is an age-old casino game, which is played by gamblers all over the world. Although a lot of new enticing games came into existence, classic Roulette did not lose its fame. In fact, over the ages Roulette has become more popular and evolved into many types, such as European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. 

With the advent of online casinos and the invention of cryptocurrencies, Roulette can now be played online with cryptocurrencies, which offers numerous benefits. The form and functioning in the online variant of Roulette remain the same with attractive betting offers. The only difference is that the table, slot wheel, ball, and chips are virtual.   

What Is Bitcoin Roulette?

The advancement in the field of technology made Bitcoin Roulette popular, where Bitcoin is used for making deposits and withdrawals. Being a decentralized form of finance, the transactions are faster than any other mode of payment, with no taxes or extra charges. Security is another factor that allures gamers to use Bitcoin for payment purposes. One can place an unlimited number of Bitcoin bets and also have their identity concealed while gambling online. 

Betting Options in Bitcoin Online Roulette

Players can place inside and outside bets. The inside bet is when the numbers and their combinations with chips are placed inside the layout, and the outside bet is when they are placed on the area surrounding the betting field. Gaming outputs depend on individual betting styles and placements. 

In the case of outside bets, more numbers are involved, which increases the chances of winning and these bets offer low payouts. The inside bets involve high risk and offer higher payouts. The different outside bets that can be placed are ‘1 to 18′, ’19 to 36’, ‘even or odd’, ‘red or black’, ‘dozen’ or ‘column’ bets. The inside bets include ‘straight up’, ‘split’, ‘street’, ‘five’, ‘corner’ or ‘square’ and ‘line’ bets.  

Bitcoin Roulette Gaming Variant

Crypto casinos offer a wide array of Roulette games, along with attractive bonus offers. Players can play all the Roulette gaming variates free of cost and also participate in online live Roulette tables. The different variants of Bitcoin Roulette are French Bitcoin Roulette, European Bitcoin Roulette, American Bitcoin Roulette, and Zoom and Common Draw.  

Bitcoin Roulette Winning Strategies

Winning strategies are framed keeping the probability of winning in mind. It depends on the bankroll, the player’s experience in playing Roulette, and the difficulty level of the game. One can make use of several betting systems while playing at online Bitcoin Roulette sites. For beginners, it is best to use easy and simple strategies, which are effective at the same time. These strategies include:

  • Martingale where even bets are placed on high-risk systems and bets are doubled for every wager lost. 
  • Paroli is the opposite of Martingale’s lower risk system. Bets are doubled with every win and after every 3-4 wins bets go down to the minimum. 
  • The James Bond type has medium risk and most of the spinning wheel is covered with bets. The first 75% bets cover higher numbers ‘19’ to ‘36’, the second 25% covers numbers ‘13’  to ‘18,’ and the third bet is placed on zero. 
  • D’Alembert’s strategy is beneficial for Bitcoin players with little bankrolls. After each loss bets are increased and winning bets are dropped to the initial amount.
  • In Fibonacci, after each loss, the gambler should retrace the sequence, and after each win step two places back. 


Crypto casinos offer an all-engaging experience with enchanting jackpots. A wide variety of online Roulette games are offered by online casinos and the demand for Bitcoin Roulette sites is deemed to increase in the future with cryptocurrencies getting accepted in more casinos.  

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