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Carson City SET Busts Marijuana Concentrate Sales & Make Arrests

Carson City is the capital of the US state of Nevada and an independent city. The city was named after the mountain man Kit Carson. Unlike many other state capitals, Carson City is not one of the safest places in the US.

Statistics show that the chances of becoming a victim of property or violent crime are almost as high as 2%. It has a crime rate keeping the police department on its toes forever. What happened on Saturday bears testimony to this fact. The Special Enforcement Team of the Carson City Sheriff arrested three people last Saturday, and two of these suspects were related to an alleged marijuana concentrate sales.

Humberto Segura, one of the suspects, used to sell marijuana concentrates on minors and was booked under various offenses, including child abuse and neglect. The police also arrested a 19-year old by the name of Dario Lara-Rodriguez for the possession of controlled substances. Dario spoke with the officers when the deputies conducted a knock and talk. He allowed the officers to come inside, and the officers claimed that the marijuana was in plain view.

He revealed that he got the marijuana cartridges from a source in California, and then he used to sell those on social media for $40 each. When the officers carried out further investigations, they recovered more cartridges, marijuana pipes, a marijuana bud weighing more than 50g, and a few thousand dollars in cash.

A third person, 18-year-old Elizabeth, was also arrested for possession of controlled substances, among other charges. The arrests had made great headlines as the SET officers were acting on a follow-up investigation whereby, they learned that a person was selling marijuana cartridges at a residence in Lone Mountain.

Carson City has a history of crimes, so the arrest of young people involved in drugs is not new in this community. But special mention must be made of the SET officers of the Sheriff who carried out a thorough investigation to arrest these three. As per last received information, the bail amount for Segura, Lara-Rodriguez, and Elizabeth was fixed at USD 40000, 20000 & 3637, respectively.

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