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Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks Qualify For State Tournament

The savior of the season, Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks, fought hard against Wheatland Lobos, 7-6, to secure the much-coveted position in the state baseball tournament. With six hits on both sides, the baseball game was a tough match indeed, but Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks strove hard to save the day and qualify for the prestigious state tournament.

The baseball match tied into a draw at four and headed into the bottom of the fifth inning. Kaleb Romero of Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks hit a hot and winning single that led to a run, making the Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks team a one-run lead at the cut-throat baseball game.

Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks proudly earned the 4th seed at the Eastern Conference of the upcoming state tournament. The grounds at Powell Wyoming shall blaze into action again on August 1 with the stormy face-off between Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks and the opponent team. Fanatics of Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks are going crazy with excitement as the team prepares to face the hardest challenge of acing the state tournament.

The administration team of Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks constitutes Post 6 Baseball, Brian Lopez, and Aaron Casey. The admins are trying their best to keep the players in top shape so that they can fight it out and emerge victorious at the state baseball tournament. The admin team and baseball fanatics are pinning their hopes on Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks to win the state baseball tournament and bring home the accolades. The smooth 7-6 win over Wheatland Lobos has enthused the players to ace the state-level tournament that is going to be tougher than ever before. Earning the fourth seed at the Eastern Conference of the glorious state tournament is working as another encouraging factor for the Cheyenne Post 6 Hawks team.

To top it all, the state baseball tournament will kick start soon on this Saturday, that is August 1, 2020, and the excitement and uproar of the game may help to erase the pandemic-induced humdrum and distress too.

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