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Study Ranks Colorado Springs Fourth Best City for Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every sector, forcing most of them to go into the remote working mode. This pandemic crisis has affected the education sector as well and most of the schools in the U.S. have started doing remote learning in spring 2020.

As remote learning has never been tested before for making it a regular practice in education, its effectiveness and success was the topmost worry among schools and educators. Surprisingly, findings of the latest study on remote learning have a different story to tell schools and parents.
LendingTree in its study ranked Colorado Springs the fourth-best city for remote learning in the U.S., with Plano, Texas being the best and Birmingham, Alabama being the worst city for remote learning.

With uncertainty looming over when the pandemic will be over and the possibility of remote learning to continue for the next few months, the study brings a lot of relief for everyone including parents.

While conducting the study, LendingTree compared data from the Census Bureau and ranked the top 100 largest U.S. cities based on seven factors, including access to a computer and high-speed internet, average rooms per household, walkability and bikeability scores, percentage of households with children under 18, and housing costs.

The study found 80 percent of the households in Colorado Springs with broadband internet connectivity and on average 5.8 bedrooms per household. As per the study, more internet connectivity eases remote learning, while more rooms provide space for students to work in peace.

According to Erika Giovanetti, a personal loan and debt writer for LendingTree, the study would be of great help to school districts in Colorado Springs that are still deciding whether to open classes for this fall semester or not. Plus, families in Colorado Springs will have to worry less about sending their kids to schools if they have a computer and high-speed internet access at home.

However, the major challenge that schools and parents are facing in remote learning is the lack of access to high-speed internet and the technology needed to complete schoolwork at home.
LendingTree concludes that though remote learning is a bit challenging for students who want to meet their friends in the school and interact with their teachers, providing them access to a computer with a broadband internet connection, privacy and space can help them concentrate and finish their school work.

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