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COVID-19 cases rise in Anchorage, city lists new exposure location


It was a day of grim silence at the Anchorage Samoan Assembly of God on Sunday because the institution of the Municipality of Anchorage is currently a danger zone owing to the reports of new COVID-19 cases in the location. The Municipality of Anchorage maintains a list of exposure locations, and the Church at Anchorage is the latest and most unfortunate addition to the list. The report reveals that gathering at the Church is now a health risk.

The Anchorage Health Department reports show that the Church was exposed to the outbreak of the Coronavirus on 17th July, and it’s no longer safe to visit the Church anymore. However, officials are hopeful that it will re-open soon, only on the condition that no new COVID cases are found within the area in the next ten days or so.

Last Sunday, it was reported that over 154 people in Anchorage tested positive. The number of cases in the city is increasing and the health department has no other choice but to issue warnings and reminders to self-quarantine. Dr. Bruce Chandler, the chief medical officer of the Anchorage Health Department, said, “In my opinion, at this time no gathering is safe, especially an indoor gathering and the bigger the gathering, the greater the danger.”

On Friday, 56 out 134 workers of Anchorage City’s Copper River Seafoods have tested positive; testing was done between 17th and 22nd July and employees who tested negative have quarantined themselves to stay safe and will continue until no new cases are identified.

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