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DATA.BET teams up with Bayes for enhanced esports streaming

DATA.BET, the major player in sports betting on eSports, has lately collaborated with Bayes to develop a new product. It is the partnership that strives to change the way esports events are covered by different operators’ platforms with the use of video hosting streams from reputable sources. This innovation is set to significantly elevate the overall quality and reliability of content for popular games such as CS: GO and Dota 2, two other prominent esports titles that enjoy a massive following worldwide. The distribution of esports content is at a high level. It allows the viewers to enjoy a more exciting and immersive experience.

Now, most esports tournaments are broadcasted on Twitch, with a latency of 90% to 97%. This can result in viewers, which may make them miss essential game moments in CS2, leading to an unsatisfactory viewing experience. As stated by the Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET – Alex Kozachenko – the low-latency live streams they developed are the latest step in the evolution of the sports betting world.

In collaboration with Bayes eSports, DATA.BET now offers a more rapid and reliable streaming service than traditional platforms. This innovative service will give eSports fans an authentic and exhilarating viewing experience. Such an upgrade is primarily a result of the Bayes eSports Video Streams, which eliminates latency by sourcing official broadcasts straight from tournament sources. Such an approach ensures that the content is accurate and timely and makes the streams the “source of truth” for all esports content streaming. This tactical advancement is the best for CSGO esports betting sites since it allows people to watch the games most interactively.

This integration of advanced streaming features results in a wide range of chances for the operators to get customer loyalty and the option to offer them new services. Integrating branding and promotional activities into game streams becomes the factor that can convince users to get involved in the game and thus make the user experience smoother.

Amir Mirzaee, the Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of Bayes eSports, claims that our cooperation with DATA.BET is opening the door for more engagement of the user and is especially significant in an esports context where user satisfaction plays a key role. We allow operators to stream adventure with barely delayed live tournaments, which would be unrivaled.

Through this partnership, both parties can offer unique content while improving the attending-betting and viewing experience. It makes intimate interactions between the audience and the web possible. The platform continues to grow sustainably, and ultimately, all the eSports environment profits. Mirzaee states that the league running the official, low-delay video feeds is a secure approach to ensure that users access the correct data through timely and accurate media, and this facilitates their users’ involvement in the eSports community.

This collaboration between DATA.BET and Bayes’s eSports marks a considerable step forward in the industry for esports, bringing a solution to the constant problem of stream delays and improving the fan experience of being with their sports.

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