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Hive Persists Downtrend After Hitting $0.26 in the Last Month

HIVE token has been on a roller coaster ride over the last 30 days. The price against the greenback has dwindled from $0.20 to $0.26 in this period. It was being traded at $0.2098 with upside momentum at the opening of the month, and over the next week, it marked moderate escalation and reached $0.2499 following a gradual push. However, the uptrend couldn’t last long, and the price dropped suddenly.

On July 17, HIVE/USD was being traded around $0.205, and over the next five days, the investors got to see another steep hike in the value, and the token was able to find the highest price point of the month, around $0.2601 on July 21. However, Hive token faced rejection at this high and started correcting downwards has been rolling down a slope and retested the $0.21 mark.

Hive Price News
HIVE/USD Chart By TradingView

From the beginning of the ongoing month, Hive marked massive spikes for the first two days, but later, it turned flattish, and at the press time, HIVE price spotted at $0.2182.

The MACD shows bullish crossover due to the recent hike. However, as per the current momentum, the token might face consolidation around $0.22 for the next few days.

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