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Is Owning a Fraction of a Bitcoin Worth It?


Can you buy a fraction of a Bitcoin? Well, of course, you can! The positive news is that you can own a Bitcoin with a value as low as 0.00000001 BTC, commonly known as a Satoshi. The reality for most people is the cost of a Bitcoin is not economically feasible. But if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast who is caught up in this tough spot, owning a small portion of a Bitcoin can help you achieve your fin-tech goals.

Bitcoin and Satoshis: An overview

A small fraction of a Bitcoin (BTC) is referred to as a Satoshi. Like any other currency, Bitcoin has a designated smaller value, and Satoshi is the equivalent of its smallest denominator. One Satoshi is essentially 0.00000001 (a decimal point of 8) of one single Bitcoin. A Bitcoin software is equipped to admit and acknowledge a Satoshi unit.

How Many Satoshis Are in 1 Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, just like any other currency, can be determined by a smaller recognized unit. It takes about 100,000 million Satoshi’s to become a single Bitcoin. This gives you the chance to invest in numerous Satoshis.

Is It Worth Buying a Fraction of Bitcoin?

The cost of 1 Bitcoin right now costs about $8,000. You most likely wouldn’t spend that much money if you are a beginner as you are just testing the waters to make sure that Bitcoin will pay off in the long run. The resolution to this conflict is buying a fraction of a Bitcoin worth $50 or less and being profitable once your Bitcoin increases in price. For good profit you should check out the Bitcoin loophole trading robot which makes you earn $500 a day from a minimum deposit amount of $250.

There are not a lot of Bitcoins to go around in the cryptocurrency realm. In the Bitcoin ecosystem, only 21 million bitcoins can be mined. Thus, in this fidelity, you will only be able to own a fraction of a Bitcoin. It is worth getting the lay of the land if you trust that your investment in owned Satoshis will pay off. In recent years, Bitcoin has become a defiant way to shield and multiply the wealth you have acquired. If you hold 0.30 Bitcoins, you will still be considered the 1% of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and this is a modest investment that will help earn more monetary gain in the future.

How Many Fractions of Bitcoin Can I Buy at Once?

There is no cap on the number of Bitcoins you can purchase. The Satoshi amount you buy can be as small or as extravagant as you desire it to be. This is the beauty of the Bitcoin space, where you are holding the pen writing the success story of your current investments. It is advisable to invest in an amount worth $50 as you will have to shed out money for exchange fees.

The Final Verdict

If the question: Can you buy a fraction of a Bitcoin? is still emerging in your mind frequently, take a leap of faith and invest in a Satoshi. Bitcoin fluctuates only between a few hundred dollars, unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market that fall pretty low. Bitcoin is a very pricey affair. Hence, investing in a fraction of Bitcoin when the value was low will help you reap benefits in the future, and you will thank your past self for investing at the right time. Hopefully, you are convinced to own a fraction of Bitcoin. If you have decided, you can go ahead and purchase a fraction of Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Some of the prominent platforms you can avail of are Coinbase, Cash App, Gemini, and Binance, to name a few. Owning a few Satoshis through these exchanges can be a gamechanger for every trader’s investment journey.

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