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Macau’s Casino Lisboa May not Reopnen VIP Gambling Rooms

The world is still learning to cope up with Coronavirus while the virus has neatly managed to toss everything upside down. It is not a surprise anymore that restaurants, casinos, and theatres still don’t exactly know how to run daily operations in this post-Corona era as these places used to remain crowded till the pandemic hit the world and now we just cannot afford to get together as one particular place.

Especially, casinos are finding it really tough to reopen as at one side they have their business prospects to look after, and on the other side, there are so many Coronavirus related precautions to take care of. In fact, a few of the casinos might have to curb some of their services like restaurants. The news was making rounds that one of the noted casino has banned smoking inside the casino center. The regulations of social distancing play a vital part here, apparently.

Macau’s famous casino Casino Lisboa is also isn’t clear if they will make a return. The casino holds three VIP gambling rooms within its premises, which are of Macau Golden Group (MGG), a huge junket investor of Macau. The three VIP gambling rooms are titled as Golden Hall, Golden Club, and Grand Hall. Notably, these are one of the oldest in the city, and these add a glory to the city’s casino space to a significant level.

The gambling space is actually going through a very rough patch since the year started. Notably, the virus’ outbreak, too, took an aggravating turn when 2020 kicked off. Moreover, Makau’s gross gaming revenue went down almost zero multiple times this year, which proves that this space has not seen such a bad spell long ago.

Since the pandemic has disrupted the casino industry to a scarry level, updates are making rounds that Macau, which is known for its lavish casinos, may shift its focus away from the casinos and gambling centers.

Zak Giles

Zak Giles is a professional poker player and news writer at CapitalBay.News. He has five years of experience in playing slots and shares his experience and insights through content pieces on gambling.

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