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Mount Pleasant Police Issue 82 Speeding Tickets in 2 Days

Mount Pleasant police initiated a speed control program statewide, and within 48 hours of its launch, issued 82 speeding tickets in the city and across South Carolina. 


Police officers set up their speed traps at three positions; on US Highway 17, at Bowman Road, Fulton Hall, and Interstate-526. 


Speed traps at I-526 caught and issued 13 speeding citations and 1 “No SC DL” (South Carolina Driver’s License) citation. At Bowman Road on Highway 17, nine speeding citations and one seatbelt citation were issued. Three speeding tickets were issued at Fulton Hall.


On July 23rd, twelve speeding citations were issued at Fulton Hall point on Highway 17, seventeen at Bowman Road spot, and thirty-one at I-526. 


Mount Pleasant Police implemented the program in the past two days to ensure that drivers do not end up in accidents, by taking advantage of deserted highways due to the nationwide lockdown, and want to ensure that passengers and drivers “arrive alive.”


The enforcement was necessary because Pleasant is the largest suburban town of Charleston County and the fourth-largest municipality in South Carolina. Wallet Hub, a financial analysis company, conducted a study on small US cities, and Mount Pleasant ranked second for the overall growth and first in population. 

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