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Police: 2 People Shot Early Sunday In New Haven

The police of New Haven are knee-deep in the investigation of the stray shootings that were fired in the early morning on Sunday. The report of the first gunshot was heard just after five in the morning at Ferry Street between Saltonstall Avenue and Chambers Street at Fair Haven locality. The police force and firefighters were quick to respond to the situation to help the victim and probe into the shooting.

According to the report of New Haven Police Department Captain Anthony Duff, the victim of the first gunshot, who is a 40-year-old woman, was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. The woman has sustained heavy injuries, and the doctors had to resort to surgery to nurse the bullet wound and stabilize her health.

However, the horror of Sunday morning was not over yet, as a second shooting took place on the very day, at Rowe Street. Baffled by the sequence of gunshots, the police are now probing deeper into the matter, to catch the criminals who fired the first and second gunshots, although, it is too early to say right now if there is any linkage between the two shooting incidents. The victim of the second gunshot is a 34-year-old man who is now battling for life at the nearest medical center. The second victim has sustained a bullet wound in his thigh, and the doctors are working hard to nurse him back to good health.

The police force and NHPD officers are of the opinion that the man had been the actual target of the gunman, and that the woman had gotten inadvertently shot by accident. Rowe Street is only half a mile away from Ferry Street, the site of the first shooting. The short distance between the locations might help to establish a linkage between the shootings. The investigation of the shooting incidents is under progress, and the police are inviting witnesses to file anonymous reports to the local police officer by dialing the official phone number of New Haven Police Department that is (203) 946-6304.

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