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REAL IDs Start Getting Issued at Tulsa From DPS

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) launched a new website in the State of Oklahoma to make the citizens understand the importance of getting a REAL ID. The information can be had from the DPS website or the REAL ID portal. The people of Oklahoma will find all credible details on the ID, and there is also a quiz that helps you determine whether you are eligible for REAL ID or not.

In simple terms, it is for those who fly within the domestic sector and do not have a passport. There is also a checklist on the site that lets you know about the documents that you would need for the REAL ID. The citizens must have all valid documents about proof of identity, social security, and residential proof. Proof of name change will also be required for reasons like adoption, divorce, and marriage. The last date for getting a REAL ID was October 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic has forced the authorities to push back the time by one more year to 2021.

The DPS aims to move seamlessly to central issuance with the REAL ID program. People will now get a temporary paper-based driver’s license, and the actual ID will come in the mail within ten days. Issuance of REAL ID started on June 29 in the metro area of Oklahoma City and then expanded to Edmond. It has now moved onto the next phase, and issuing has started from Tulsa. The IDs are being issued from the Eastgate location and as many as eight tag agencies.

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