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Rodrigo Alves to undergo surgery for the 43rd time

Rodrigo Alves can be safely considered as a person who is addicted to surgeries. Hailing from Brazil, Rodrigo now lives in London and is planning to undergo nasal reconstruction, which is expected to cost him 50,000 euros. Doctors have planned to use cartilage from the ribs of Rodrigo despite the possibility that it might lead to the collapse of his lungs. Still, Rodrigo is going ahead with the surgery as he is struggling to breathe through his nose that has been deformed in the absence of the bone or tissues. Just so you know, the 32-year old Rodrigo had already spent 305,000 euros in a total of 42 surgeries that he had undergone till now. With this new surgery planned, the total cost Borne by Rodrigo on surgeries will be 355,000 euros.

Wang Lin

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