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Magic Triple Layer Cake is talk of the Town

Magic cakes are taking the bakery world by storm. As the name suggests, some magic happens when you put its batter into the oven. Miraculously, the batter splits into three different mixtures, resulting in the baking of three different layers. Each of these layers happens to be different in terms of their taste, color, and texture. At the bottom of the pyramid, one gets a moist pastry-ish base, which is dense and supportive. The middle layer is made up of cream while at the top resides airy genoise. The magic behind these three layers is the high liquid content of the cake – 50% of the cake is liquid, which facilitates the formation of three layers. Heavier ingredients of the cake settle at the bottom while lighter ones come on the top. The magic cake is winning the hearts of households with its truly magical properties.

Wang Lin

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