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Schools Reopen in Fargo and WF; Parents Are Concerned and Divided

Will the schools reopen in 2020? The COVID – 19 pandemic has forced the complete shutdown of schools across the US, and the state of North Dakota is no exception. But as all sectors are gradually reopening, there has been news that schools in Fargo and West Fargo are to open, school leaders are planning this week, schools are readying itself for reopening in the fall season for face-to-face- learning. Still, the decision is subject to approval from district authorities and local health officials. So, on Friday, the schools in Fargo and West Fargo will announce their decision on allowing students back in the classroom. Some parents are set to welcome the reopening as they feel that remote learning is suitable only for the short-term, but can impact procedures for college applications.

Parent Christina Hemmer said, “The long term gains for them academically, outweigh the risk of them getting COVID.”

The administrators do not have an easy decision to make, some parents are not too keen to send their wards back to school. Given these conflicting opinions, the Fargo Public Schools have released information that they plan to allow elementary students on the school grounds for a maximum of three days per week and will enable them to study remotely on the remaining days. Middle and high school students, though, would have to study online for the entire term. Kids need to wear masks at school to prevent contracting and spreading the virus. The worrying part is that many parents still have reservations, to let their kids go to schools even for a day.

John Douglas, a parent to two elementary students, says

John Douglas

While parents feel that children need to go back to schools for their emotional upliftment,  the possibility of getting sick is too much of a risk for many parents.

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