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Spokane Valley Subordinates Successfully Rescue a Woman

Spokane Valley Deputies successfully rescue a woman who was found unconscious at her place last week. As per the Spokane Valley Police Department, the officials replied to the welfare department check on Friday morning, after the family member of the woman showed concerns about her well-being. According to the family members, the woman did not respond to their phone calls.

Logan Henry, one of the deputies, stated that no one opened the door for quite some time. He noted that the dogs around the woman’s residence have been aggressive, and her vehicle was parked in her garage. Later, Deputy Joseph Wallace arrived at the home to assist other officials.

According to their investigation, the deputy officers found that the doors of the house were not secured. They believed that women needed help to save her life. The deputies risked being attacked by the dogs but entered the house to save the woman as they got permission from the higher authorities. Entering the house, the officials saw the woman lying unconscious and cold, and they could not detect her pulse rate as well. The deputies have suspected this as an overdose.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department and AMR are taking care of the woman. She is currently in a stable condition but remains in the ICU of a nearby local hospital.   

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