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Steem Recovers Moderately After Hitting 0.0000176 BTC

Since the last month, Steem was trading under the strong bearish influence as it started a downside correction after it hit 0.000024 BTC. However, from yesterday, it managed to regain moderate momentum and started to trade above 0.000018 BTC.

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Yesterday, in the first hour, the STEEM price spotted at 0.00001784 BTC, and the currency managed to register stable movement till 13:30 UTC with moderate fluctuations. However, around 14:00 UTC, Steem witnessed a sudden fall that took the value to 0.00001761 BTC. After that, the currency marked a steady upside movement, and at 22:00 UTC, the price recovered to 0.00001851 BTC. However, Steem couldn’t be managed to stay at this level for long and fell steeply.

Despite a sharp decline, the coin managed to trade above 0.000018 BTC, and at the press time, the price spotted around 0.00001817 BTC. It has an ROI of -66.53%, and the current market cap stands at 80,328,681 USD. The MACD chart shows a bullish crossover as STEEM/BTC registered moderate hike overnight. The currency is likely to keep the upside momentum intact for the near-term. The next resistance may come by 0.00001855 BTC.

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