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Suterusu Collaborates with Gravity Protocol

Suterusu built on the Waves protocol has announced its integration with Gravity protocol. With this integration, Suterusu will offer Gravity’s solutions for strengthening its interchain communication protocol & blockchain-enabled agnostic data by applying its highly secure and scalable privacy-preserving DeFi functionalities. 


The integration has been a smooth process as both Gravity and Suterusu share the same Waves platform where both are equally aligned, sharing both a blockchain agnostic and a token agnostic approach. Gravity was designed to stimulate the easy adoption of interchain DeFi. There is no separate native token of Gravity, but it leverages the native tokens of any blockchain that it connects to. Suterusu, on the other hand, is developed to amplify the privacy to whichever blockchain it connects with. 


Therefore, the proposed integration is a positive approach towards decentralizing Gravity’s consensus model’s economic stability through the original ZK-ConSNARK technology that Suterusu is built upon. Gravity’s integration with Suterusu will benefit both the platforms to gain access to a wide array of decentralized services by eliminating the risks of industry fragmentation. Besides Gravity, Suterusu also provides security and privacy services to leading networks like BTC, ETH, SWIFT, and STP Network, to name a few. 


By integrating with Gravity, Suterusu will automatically get access to the cumulative functionality of the connected ecosystems. The combination of the various ecosystems will help build more DeFi focused infrastructures that will benefit both Suterusu and Gravity on their endeavors. The integration will also help to strengthen the mutual networks of both the platforms and provide the entire blockchain industry with more robust blockchain solutions.  


As the first step of this collaboration with Suterusu, Gravity will run a Suter validation mode before joining the Suter Alliance. This step will not only further the practical use cases of privacy-focused decentralized finance but also, at the same time, allow Gravity to become a validator in the Suter trade, thereby augmenting the agnostic value transfer protocol of Gravity.


Similarly, in the next step, Suterusu will also be running a Gravity node. Gravity’s integrated chains will expand Suterusu’s reach to retrieve oracle data from different APIs and external data sources. 

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