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Tax- An Important Component of Financial Planning

Tax is undoubtedly a vital part of basic financial planning, and if the impact of the tax is not taken into consideration while making the basic finance plan, individuals may end up paying more taxes at the end of the term. The basics of financial planning revolve around effective tax planning. Almost all the financial decisions you make have an automatic tax impact; therefore, you need to carefully study the term rates. Here is “how might taxes have an impact on your financial plan” discussed in detail, see below and study each of them very carefully.

How might taxes have an impact on your financial plan?

1) Pay minimum tax

Finance and tax planning are closely connected and as you progress in life your tax liability changes just as your priorities in life change. For example, just as you start to earn healthily, your tax liability increases by manifold, and you fall on different rates slab, where the rates differ based on your income threshold.  Effective tax planning as a part of your basic financial plan review helps you streamline the minimum taxes you need to pay at the end of every year and help you save the maximum of your earnings for other life priorities. Therefore, see and study the prevailing tax rate from the specific rate page in which you fall for a term, and accordingly plan your tax statements page. 

2) Tax advantages

Tax advantagesAs an individual advances in his career, his expenses increase as also his dependents increase to a much greater extent. For this reason, you need to see if you can acquire an asset like buying a home or save funds for your children’s education or even see if you can save for your own savings. As these assets are encouraged by the government itself, they create tax advantages for individuals like interest deduction on home mortgage loans, or exemptions on retirement savings or education savings. This is a classic example of financial planning after incorporating tax impacts.

Even after retirement, when incomes from wages stop calculating, other sources of incomes become much more prominent like interest from investments, income from dividends, or rental incomes, which also create tax advantages under various retirement savings schemes like 401 (K) or IRA (Individual retirement account). To avail of these tax advantages, it is very important to implement tax planning simultaneously with your financial plans.


1. How do taxes impact your finance planning?

Implementing taxes control services help people to pay taxes smartly by utilizing the provisions of the relevant Tax Laws that effectively minimize tax liability. The best taxes control plans include a holistic view of tax savings that impacts and helps people see their financial goals accomplished.

2. What is the relationship between taxes and personal finance planning?

As people progress in their lives or careers, they anticipate significant changes in their income levels or expenses or even experience a change in their lifestyles. The amounts of their income or expenses change, and the kinds and categories of their incomes or expenses change. Planning for those changes in incomes and expenses in relation to tax obligations is a crucial part of personal finance planning.

3. Why is income tax the most relevant for personal financial planning?

It helps people to control their expenses and save for the future. Income tax planning helps an individual to choose relevant tax-efficient investments. It also helps them to assess how acquiring an asset can have an impact on their tax bill. Income tax planning also helps individuals to find out tax-efficient ways to transfer assets to their heirs.

4. What is a financial reserve?

A financial reserve is that amount of money that is kept aside exclusively for having cash in hand in times of emergencies. The cash set aside is used for covering unplanned expenses.

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