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Virginia Beach Appointed a New City Finance Director

Letitia Shelton marks history as Patrick A. Duhaney appoints her to lead Virginia Beach as its new finance director. The declaration was made by the Virginia Beach city council, stating that it has selected Letitia Shelton as the new finance manager. Patrick Duhaney will step down from the post of city finance manager of Virginia Beach and be taken over by Letitia Shelton. She earlier held a position as deputy city manager and was an apt contender for the Virginia Beach city’s new role, state the news report. 

The development is a result of an unbiased polling system followed by the city council. The media quickly captured Patrich Duhaney’s remark on the appointment. They stated that Shelton has an impressive repertoire to fit in the key role that a city manager is expected to spearhead. Further elaborating on her role, he states she grew from her capacity as a Utilities Financial Analyst held at Richmond City.  After serving in this position, she held many prominent positions as an Acting Director of Public Works, Director of finance.

According to the news report, the minister will assume the position on 25th February, which will mark her official date of joining as city manager of the city of Virginia Beach. On the credentials front, the news report suggests that Shelton holds a Bachelor of Science and Accounting and a Master’s degree in Science and Business Administration from the prestigious Averett university. She has a remarkable portfolio of 30 years, serving in roles of governmental administration.

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