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The Pandemic Puts Strain on Miami-Dade Hospitals

Currently, 2,300 people are fighting with COVID-19 at Miami-Dade hospital. The head of the Union representing Jackson Health employees, Martha Baker, told that they are facing a shortage of beds, and medical staff at the Miami-Dade hospitals. She further added that it bothers them that they still haven’t overblown the curve yet. There is even a rise in cases instead of going down.

There are at least 520 patients in the ICU ever since the pandemic. The health workers are opening up ICUs and converting the holding areas in ICUs. According to the local leaders, cases are still rising, but there is a chance of a slight decrease in active instances. Miami-Dade has, by far, recorded a 19% COVID positivity rate.

According to the Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, the virus is more likely to spread rapidly at home. He further quoted,

Francis Suarez Quoted

The mayor has announced the closing of the city-run summer camp this week. Nearly 40 officers are explicitly appointed to enforce facial covering. The leaders are working efficiently to decrease the virus spread across the country. The health workers are trying their best to make spaces for sick people so that they don’t run out of space.

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