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Things to Consider While Crypto Gambling

Introduction of Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling refers to the online form of gambling where cryptocurrency is used to trade finances and fiat currency is either secondary or not supported. Crypto gambling came into existence shortly after the inception of cryptocurrency and inherited most of its benefits. Crypto gambling makes use of decentralized blockchain architecture and sends money to and from crypto wallets. The integration of cryptocurrency with gambling allowed casinos and platforms to shift the paradigm of online betting by offering lucrative and enticing options. 

Is Crypto Gambling Safe?

Crypto gambling is one of the safest forms of gambling. Online betting platforms often deploy industry standard security practices that include two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. Since the blockchain’s ledger is decentralised, the user wallet address or node is also protected from being hacked. When it comes to overall safety and security, users are recommended to consider all aspects of gambling, including the reputation of the platform, the internet network, and the cryptocurrency wallet being used for transactions. Devising strong and distinct passwords for all the platforms is another crucial step that can further enhance the safety of the exchange. 

Facts to Consider While Gambling with Crypto

Apart from the benefits and arguments for choosing a crypto asset or platform, several other facts should be kept in mind while manoeuvring the uncharted waters of gambling with crypto:

  • Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset not backed by a government. This makes it risky in terms of depreciation. 
  • Some cryptocurrency platforms might require users to use the same currency for both deposits and withdrawals as a measure to prevent money laundering.
  • Gambling is known to be addictive and it is important to gamble responsibly and leave when luck doesn’t favour. 
  • Bonuses, promotions, and fees can greatly affect the overall gambling experience and users should be mindful of their desires and the scope of future prospects. 
  • Platforms that don’t have good customer support or a good reputation among existing players should be avoided in most cases. 

Expert tips for Crypto Gambling

While the tips for beginners are plentiful, there are some things that advanced users should keep in mind to harness the maximum potential of gambling online with crypto: 

  • The use of coin swaps or currency swaps can be highly beneficial when market fluctuations take away from the value of select crypto assets. 
  • Protocols and advantage trading tools such as AAVE can be used to make faster transactions and even avoid fees in some cases. 
  • Photo identification might be necessary before withdrawing from some platforms and this should be considered before selecting which casino or website to use. 
  • Bonuses, promotions, and deposit/ withdrawal limits can be crucial for players who are high rollers. These should not be overlooked while betting huge sums of money.
  • Using crypto wallets that support multiple currencies is ideal if one plans to switch between currencies, as it would enable the users to maintain all the coins in a single place. 
  • The use of decentralised tokens of the blockchain such as Ada can further improve the gambling experience in terms of pricing. 

Final Thoughts

Beginners as well as expert gamblers should be mindful and aware of the various aspects of online gambling and aim to gamble responsibly. Although this article covers most of the tips one should be familiar with, it is advisable to be extremely thorough with the understanding of cryptocurrency and the rules of gambling before putting money down.

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