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Sports Betting tips for Novice Indonesian Players

Indonesia is one country where people enjoy luxurious facilities and various options to make money through sports betting online. Sports betting sites in Indonesia are the most suitable for those who love to gamble and travel simultaneously. Avid gamblers who are looking for websites that offer sports betting in Indonesia can start playing the most enthralling games and sports betting events and get a chance to win a plethora of bonuses that go beyond their expectations.

The Indonesian government, however, has implemented tight regulations on sports betting sites to protect the players’ personal and financial data. In addition, players must adhere to certain rules and regulations while gambling and betting at the best Indonesian sportsbooks. Various methods can be used to access sportsbooks to place bets on a wide range of sports events without hassle. Indonesian betting sites are extremely trustworthy for signing up and betting on events like horse racing, football, shooting games, and more. This guide will focus on important tips for sports betting for novice Indonesian players.

Important tips for betting in Indonesia

With the popularity of online sports betting sites in Indonesia, several sportsbooks have been established in the last few years. This has made the task for sports bettors quite challenging as they find it difficult to choose the best Indonesian sportsbooks in the market. In addition, many beginners find it challenging to place bets on their favorite sports. This beginner’s guide to Indonesian sports betting would be incomplete without the following important tips for sports betting in Indonesia.

Managing accounts

The online sports betting market has got several betting fans in Indonesia, where gambling enthusiasts can use either European or Asian bookies of their choice. One of the most convenient ways to deposit funds for online betting is by posting up. Similarly, punters can request payouts from their account balance. To deposit and withdraw, punters must visit the official website and navigate to the cashier tab to select a convenient payment method. Betting accounts can also be created and funded using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) in almost all Indonesian sports betting sites. In addition to the safe and convenient deposit methods, some of the best Indonesian sportsbooks also provide generous bonuses for their new clients. Punters can also use European sportsbooks, although they may not support the common Indonesian banking methods such as credit card payments and bank transfers. However, these bookies accept payments via several e-wallets that can be accessible to Indonesian players.

Sports to bet on

Indonesian players can place wagers on several sports events through the best online sportsbooks available in the market, starting from handball to football, chess, volleyball, and more. Nevertheless, not all Indonesian sites have a varied list of betting events. The most common options to bet in Indonesia are basketball, badminton, football, and Sepak Takraw, a type of foot volley.

Betting Odds

Sports betting odds in Indonesia greatly depend on various elements, such as betting trends and odds of possible betting outcomes. The Indo Odds or the Indonesian Odds (IND) indicate the amount the players need to place to win 1 unit (1.00). This implies that the odds of a single unit, 1.00, will require the players to double their money since they will win one unit for every unit of bet placed. Here, the odds can be either negative or positive for the other prices. Negative odds indicate the amount that should be bet to win 1 unit, whereas positive odds indicate the amount earned for every unit. Indo Odds come with a straightforward formula mentioned below –

  • Negative Odds → stake / odds = profit
  • Positive Odds → stake x odds = profit

Security and Licensing

For all beginners wanting to bet online in Indonesia, may have doubts about security and licensing. Beginners can always safely bet on Indonesian sports betting sites by choosing an abroad-accredited and well-known online sportsbook. Choose a betting site with a valid license that uses the most advanced and modern security measures like SSL encryption protocols, advanced firewalls and malware, and a two-factor authentication method.


Sports betting sites in Indonesia are facing tough regulations from the government, making it more difficult for Indonesian sports betting sites to operate within the country. Despite the strict regulation, the best Indonesian Sportsbooks have still managed to operate and offer betting services to Indonesian players. Many sportsbooks have been completely outlawed from operating and performing betting activities. However, punters can still access sports betting sites abroad. Beginners can choose reputable and trustworthy sports betting sites in Indonesia and use the right betting knowledge to benefit from the activity. Use the correct blend of tips and tricks to get the maximum benefit from Indonesian sports betting sites.

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