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Trenton’s Mayor W. Reed Gusciora unveils budget housing projects

Mayor W. Reed Gusciora unveiled the latest residential projects at Trenton. 

The Trenton housing project plan constitutes the construction of 72 units of sustainable and affordable housing projects in Northern Trenton by Fall 2021. 

“We are turning a once vacant lot into affordable homes for over 70 Trenton families,” said Mayor Gusciora.

Mayor Gusciora said

The housing project of Patriot Village II includes around 11 one-bedroom units, 19 three-bedroom units, and 42 two-bedroom units, it also includes a housing unit reserved for the homeless families of Trenton, with special preferences for senior citizens. 

Every floor of the housing units is equipped with a host of modern amenities like laundry facility, lighting systems of high efficiency, stainless steel appliances, and open floor plans.

The treasury of Trenton is entitled to three grants every year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development of the US, Home Investment Partnerships Program, Emergency Solutions Grant, and Community Development Block Grant. These beneficial grants had been barred from transfer to Trenton as the authorities were uncertain about the execution of the housing projects. 

However, the scenario is quite different now, with administrative staff and experts supervising the housing projects in Trenton.

In April, Trenton spent $800,000 for bridging the financial gap of the Patriot Village II project; it  will receive $18.3 million from Bank Of America for the construction of housing projects. The state will get another $14 million as a low-income housing tax credit for the same project. The residents of the housing complexes will have easy access to essential and luxury services like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., and the housing project development would empower  the local neighborhood.

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