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Unknown Group Shares Workplace Toxicity Events in Eugene

Every other day, new groups emerge on various social media platforms for various reasons. Most often, such groups are driven by a collective agenda. Recently, an anonymous group was specifically created for employees willing to share their experiences related to workplace toxicity in Eugene, Springfield Service Industry.

The group is called 86’d List; it was created by a Eugene and Springfield-based account where the local employees can share their experiences related to poor working conditions.

Typically, 86’s is a term used to describe canceling something or, in this context, an employee refusing to serve a customer or a group of customers, especially in the service and hospitality sector.

The anonymous group, in their message to KLCC, revealed that the members of this unknown group are based in the service sector. The group also claimed that they are not the advocates of cancel culture, and are in no way discouraging people from visiting the listed establishments. Further, the anonymous group clarified its objective, which is public accountability, and a plea to change.

Workers from Eugene and Springfield service sector can anonymously share their stories, which are based on true experiences, ranging from inequality, discrimination, sexism, abuses, racisms, among others. Since its inception, the group has recorded the service sector workplace toxicity of over 30 local establishments, which they have anonymously posted on the Instagram page of the group.

While the group has its set of supporters, it also has its fair share of negative comments. Addressing such critics who want the stories deleted from the Instagram page, the group wrote that they would not remove any of the posted stories, except special requests directly from the person who has shared the story.

Further, in their message to KLCC, the anonymous group also wrote, they believe that the employees share an honest account of their experience. As the stories are shared publicly, it enables visitors to post their comments, either to rebut or validate the stories of workplace toxicity.

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