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Wendi Murdoch talks highly of Ivanka Trump

The important role played by Ivanka Trump in supporting her father, Donald Trump, during the thick and thin of the election is quite well known. Ivanka’s close friend Wendi Murdoch had very high views about Ivanka and said that Ivanka had been able to handle the controversial situations during the presidential election with grace and elegance. Wendi, who is a well-known film producer, constantly harps on the point that Ivanka is not running for the election, and hence, she should not be scrutinized beyond a particular limit. Elaborating her relationship with Ivanka, Wendi said that they both are friends for a long time now, and she tries to keep their friendship aside from politics. It is to be noted that Wendi has not extended public support to the democratic or Republican candidate in the US presidential election. 

Wang Lin

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