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Tesla Chief Elon Musk unveils Tesla Model 3 for $35000

Elon Musk has recently revealed his latest Tesla model 3, which will be priced at $35000, the lowest-priced version of the electric car model. The latter is a sedan with a “mid-range battery pack” and would become a part of the mass market model, which Musk had promised would transform the availability of electric cars. This price is, however, after considering federal and state tax rebates but would still be popular as users would save on gas. The controversial pre-order option of self-driving mode for an additional $3000-$5000 has been removed, for which the technology is not yet upgraded. Musk has stated that the option has been creating confusion and was not yet road-ready and therefore has been removed. Considering Tesla’s promise of all its cars featuring “full self-drive hardware,” the removal has faced flak from rivals. Although Tesla has clarified that it has been done to “streamline our purchase experience for customers.”

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