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Meghan Markle’s impact gets the Missoma sales going through the roof

The effect of Meghan Markle on the sales of Missoma jewelry brand is quite apparent. Meghan is patronizing this London-based brand for quite some time, and as a result, the brand is becoming favorite among the masses. Unlike Kate, who wears costly Asprey jewelry, Meghan has been witnessed sporting affordable gems on many occasions. Meghan first wore the rings of the Missoma brand costing 49 Euros, and immediately after that, the company recorded a healthy spike in its sales. The frugal taste of Meghan has been admired, and on many occasions, she has posted her pictures on Instagram wearing jewelry of the Missoma brand. Her style statement is popular and copied by many in the country, and across the globe, and as a result, the Missoma jewelry brand is reaping rich dividends.

Wang Lin

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